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SideFx Houdini FX 16.0.736
pic Год выпуска: 2017
pic Версия: 16.0.736
pic Адрес оф. сайта: ссылка
pic Язык интерфейса: Английский
pic Лечение: патч-кейген
pic Системные требования:
Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, или Windows 10 (только 64 bit)
Оперативная память: 4 GB необходимо, 8 GB и 64bit для симуляции жидкостей
Процессор: последние поколения 64-bit AMD или Intel (необходима SSE, поддерживает SSE2 и MMX)
Свободное место на жестком диске: 2GB для установки программы
Видеокарта с поддержкой OpenGL 3.3 (4.0 рекомендуется), OpenCL 1.2 и 2GB видео памяти.

pic Описание:
Houdini FX сочетает в себе высокую производительность и легкость в использовании, чтобы предоставить мощный и доступный инструментарий художникам визуальных эффектов для создания художественных фильмов, рекламных роликов или компьютерных игр.
Благодаря процедурному рабочему процессу на основе узлов, Houdini позволяет создавать контента больше и быстрее, чтобы сократить сроки и получить повышенную гибкость во всех творческих задачах.
Houdini идеально подходит для художников визуальных эффектов и технических директоров с его системами частиц и динамики.
Houdini FX включает в себя полный набор инструментов для студий, которые хотят использовать его для других задач, таких как освещение, анимация или процедурное моделирование.
Основные возможности:
Create more shots under tight deadlines while achieving feature film quality results. From Bullet Rigid Body destruction, to Pyro FX fire and smoke and FLIP fluid liquids, Houdini’s procedural workflow lets you work at insanely high levels of detail to create bigger, more explosive visual effects. Houdini’s artist-friendly node-based workflow makes it easy to respond to director feedback and make changes at any time, even deep into production.
The same procedural workflows that make Houdini such an industry leader for film and TV also make it an amazing addition to the game production environment. Game developers and artists love Houdini for its feature film-quality FX, procedural modelling, terrains and environments, asset placement, level building and rapid prototyping - and leverage Houdini Engine to deploy tools built as Houdini Digital Assets to artists throughout the studio.
Houdini FX includes end-to-end production-quality features – including modelling, animation, character rigging, lighting, rendering, compositing and volumes. Digital Assets created in Houdini FX can also be opened, animated and rendered in Houdini Core.
Create realistic sims using forces such as surface tension, viscosity, and visco-elasticity. Particle fluids can be surfaced at the geometry level to produce high quality splashes while fluid forces are used to create white water effects.
Whether you are creating dust and debris or a flocks of birds, the particle tools in Houdini let you define a clear set of rules using a simple node network made up of sources, forces, attractors and collision objects.
With Pyro FX, Fire and Smoke simulations look more realistic and are faster and easier to set up. Fast simulation speeds allow for more iterations. The ability to simulate using the GPU takes things to a whole new level and advances in volume rendering create an impressive final look.
The Finite Element solver analyzes the stresses on an object then either bends or breaks it. FEM can also be used for soft body effects with volume preservation. This solver takes the simulation of digital destruction, and gooey slimy objects, to the next level.
In Houdini FX, you can use the Bullet Rigid Body solver to create highly complex simulations of large data sets. This solver and Houdini’s own solver work with various forces, constraints and collisions for complete control.
Position-Based Dynamics is a multi-physics environment ideally suited to the creation of wet and dry sand. The PBD solver can run on the CPU or on the GPU using OpenCL. In addition to sand effects, artists can create solids, sheets or tethers to generate soft body, cloth and wire-like simulations.
Ideally suited to creating hair and fur simulations, the Wire solver in Houdini FX also can be used for other types of thin shapes. Control wires with attributes such as thickness, length, rigidity and curl for added control.
The crowd tools use artist-friendly shelf tools along with a new packed agent primitive type, a Finite State Machine solver, hardware accelerated display of instanced crowds, controls for crowd layout, steering, collision avoidance, terrain adaptation, motion blending, and look-at targets.
Нововведения в Houdini 16:
User Experience
New Node Network and Radial Menus
For a fast and fluid experience, the new network editor has been redesigned from scratch to include custom node shapes, alignment and layout tools, ‘dot’ nodes and much more. New context-sensitive and fully customizable radial menus provide quick access to common tools, making Houdini more accessible for artists.
Artist-Friendly Tools and Procedural Techniques
The modeling toolset in Houdini continues to grow – with new Boolean tools, Smooth and PolyFill. These tools make it easier to create good surface topology for use in Film, TV, Games and VR, and can be used interactively in the viewport or procedurally in the network editor.
Terrain Generation
Full Artistic Control using Volume Slices and Height Fields
Houdini 16’s terrain system lets you layer and edit terrain easily with tools such as procedural noise, or paint or mask out areas directly. The operations are very similar to image compositing, so terrain artists will find the Houdini workflow familiar. The terrain can then collide with Fluid simulations, Crowd agents, Particles, RBD/destruction and Pyro FX – without converting the heightfields into geometry.
Look Development
Streamlined Shader Building Workflow
More and more, artists are turning to Houdini’s Mantra to render shots. Houdini 16 includes a new shader building workflow that allows for layer mixing and quick access to procedural texturing tools. Mantra has been enhanced with improved BSDFs for creating Sub-Surface Scattering, Dielectrics, Absorption and more. Game artists can leverage an improved texture baking workflow.
Character Animation & Rigging
Advanced Rigging Tools with Muscles
Houdini’s animation and rigging tools have been improving over the last few releases – and with the Auto-rigging, Muscle and Flesh architecture and Invisible rigs in Houdini 16, a complete character workflow is now in place. The new Biharmonic skin capturing will save riggers valuable time while the FEM-based muscles produces high-realism results.
Hair & Grooming
Designed for Unlimited Control
The new hair and fur tools let you easily layer and blend attributes while mixing things like frizz, clumping, bending, parting and curling. Trim or extend hair using 3D brushes; employ masks to isolate areas of interest; paint any hair attribute in an interactive yet procedurally-safe manner. There is nothing black-boxed about the new system, and the artistic freedom it affords is endless.
Ocean Tools
New Infinite Ocean Architecture
The ability to layer wave spectra using point instanting lets artists create complex, realistic and seamless oceans with elegance and ease. No more tiling artefacts with Houdini 16’s truly infinite oceans. Art directability is paramount and individually modelled and animated hero waves now mix perfectly with existing spectra.
FLIP Fluids
Art Directable Fluid Simulations
Enhancements to FLIP Fluids include physically-correct surface tension for classic water-crowning shots. Art-directable ‘fluid suction’ uses objects – even deforming objects – to guide the fluid in a controllable fashion that enhances the aesthetic of the fluid dynamics. White water in Houdini 16 is all 3D particle-based which gives much richer, more natural results. For anything viscous, there is a new slip function which provides control over how the fluid interacts with the collision geometry.
Процедура лечения:
1. Устанавливаем Houdini вместе с сервером лицензий
2. Останавливаем службу сервера лицензирования (администрирование / службы / HoudiniLicenseServer)
3. Заменяем файл sesinetd в папке windows\system32 на пролеченный из раздачи
4. Стартуем службу сервера лицензирования (необходимо для применения лицензий)
5. Запускаем License Administrator (с ярлыка в меню пуск или запуском файла hkey.exe)
6. В кейгене, подставляем host и Code из 2 вкладки сервера лицензий и генерируем лицензии
7. Открываем ввод ключей вручную в сервере (меню file / manually enter keys)
8. Переносим построчно первые 5 строк из кейгена (можно все 11 из окошка license keys)
(первая строка - дает нужное число лицензий, остальные - разновидности лицензий)
9. в итоге появится список лицензий, и на второй вкладке все пункты отметятся зеленым цветом
10. можете работать в Houdini
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