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Green.Hell.v1.0.2.XDelta.Patch - 13.09.2019 - 14.9 МБ - Скачать
Pass: 55525330
Требуемая версия игры: v1.0.1
Для установки нужно дополнительно около 2 ГБ свободного места.
Распаковать архив, запустить установку, указать путь до установленной игры. Дождаться завершения обновления.
Patch v1.0.2:
Patch: V.1.0.2 Hotfix Notes

Hey everyone.

Hotfix Patch: V.1.0.2 is live now!

Fixed – Player can use Ayahuasca Cauldron during a Walkie Talkie dialog
Fixed – Typos in polish translation
Fixed – Game loads at the empty debug space at the start of a new game after dying in Perma Death mode
Fixed – Items can disappear from storage
Fixed – Permanent DAY 1 screen when starting Story mode
Fixed – "Take 3" and "Take max" in Stands expand take only 1 Heavy Object and the rest gets destroyed
Fixed – Armors are not hidden during Dreams
Fixed – Player is not healed before good ending Airport cutscene
Fixed – Examine Painted Rock objective sometimes does not complete
Fixed – Items in picked up stack change size unexpectedly
Fixed – Tribesmen from last scene are present in previous scenes if Player reloads save
Fixed – Fullscreen changes to Borderless on resolution change
Fixed – Character starts aiming Spear after choosing save slot or backing out from menus
Fixed – Plants tab counter shows new entries when loading game from Main Menu
Fixed – Constructions snapped to Small Fire/Campfire don't work after reloading game
Fixed – Crash during loading the game during mud brick creating animation
Fixed – Snakes at some locations can spawn inside the terrain
Fixed – Credits end before they are shown in full
Fixed – Arrow sometimes gets stuck to hand after loading game
Fixed – Game crashed after Caiman attack during aiming at him with Bow
Fixed – Character starts aiming Spear after choosing save slot or backing out from menus
Fixed – Some Fish cannot be caught with a Fishing Rod with Maggots/Larva as bait
Fixed – Game crashes on Campfire on certain save after saving on different slot
Fixed – Add more hints in construction tooltips
Fixed – 5.1 sound is not supported
Fixed – Description of Green Hell difficulty setting in Polish doesn't fit the screen
Fixed – Tribe woman in the last scene of Dream 1 has no collision
Fixed – Small Fire under Ayahuasca Cauldron is not always registered
Fixed – Soups do not give Player the Food Poisoning status
Fixed – Broken game saving on certain save
Fixed – Blurry Poison Dart Frog Danger Card on LOW Texture Quality setting
Fixed – Ghosts in Might Camp Challenge are empty after Player returns to them from far away
Fixed – White screen instead of Ending movie after Dream 4

Thank you for your support!

Подробнее - https://steamcommunity.com/games/815370/announcemen...9261603712559022

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