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Год выпуска: 16 мая 2011 г. (22 May 2016 г)
Жанр: Strategy (Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / Arcade (Platform)
Разработчик: Re-Logic
Издательство: Re-Logic
Платформа: РС
Язык интерфейса: Português do Brasil, 中文, Deutsch, English, español, français, italiano, polski, русский
Язык озвучки: ---
Тип издания: Лицензия
Версия игры: v1.3.5.1 (11408)
Таблэтка: Не требуется (DRM Free от GOG.com)
Системные требования:
Минимальные системные требования -
Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10,
Processor: 1.6 Ghz,
Memory: 2 GB,
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB,
Video Card: 128mb Video Memory, capable of Shader Model 1.1, DirectX®: 9.0c or Greater,
Mouse, Keyboard.
Копайте, сражайтесь, исследуйте, стройте! Нет ничего невозможного в этой насыщенной событиями приключенческой игре. Весь мир — ваше полотно, а вся земля — ваши краски!
Хватайте инструменты и вперед! Создавайте оружие, чтобы сражаться с различными врагами в разных биомах. Копайте глубже, чтобы найти драгоценности, деньги и кучу других полезных вещей. Собирайте ресурсы, чтобы создать всё, что вам нужно, и сделать мир таким, каким вы хотите его видеть. Постройте свой дом, крепость или даже замок! Люди переедут к вам жить и может быть даже продадут вам вещи, которые помогут вам в ваших путешествиях.

Кроме этого вас ожидает еще множество разных задач и испытаний. Готовы начать?

Основные особенности:
  • Свободный игровой процесс
  • Случайно создаваемый мир
  • Бесплатные обновления


Инсталлятор обновлен до последней актуальной версии от 21.04.2017.

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Скачать Terraria (v1.3.5.1) (Re-Logic) (RUS/ENG/MULTi) [L] - GOG (обновлено 21.04.2017 г.) торрент

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Change log:


Change log:
Patch 1.3.1 (22 May 2016)
The Mac & Linux versions will be updated on Monday 23 May 2016.

Added Controller Support using Xinput.
Added Inventory Sorting.
Dart Traps & all Temple Traps can now be hammered to rotate 90 degrees at a time.
Added smart interact, making chatting with NPCs, opening doors and using objects easier.
Cannons (normal, bunny, confetti, Snowball Launcher) can now be controlled by wire and shoot fake projectiles!
Improved Smart Cursor & made it interact with more items.

Quality of Life:
Improved Wire drawing to look less fuzzy with multiple colors on the same tile.
Improved over 1,800 sprite graphics.
Optimized net messages for tile entities (target dummies, item frames)
Improved the Settings Menu and added new settings.
Added new large gem over-head display.
Improved melee hit detection around slopes.
You can now use situational building accessories from your inventory and toggle their effects like info accessories.
Info icons now have a border around them when aimed at (clarity!).
Improved keybinding options, you can now also bind to mouse 3/4/5.

Added Logic Gates (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, NXOR)
Added Logic Gate Lamps (On, Off, Faulty)
Added Logic Sensors (Day, Night, Under Player)
Added Liquid Sensors (Water, Lava, Honey, Any)
Added Conveyor Belts.
Added The Grand Design.
Added Yellow Wrench.
Added Junction Box.
Added Mechanical Lens.
Added Announcement Box.
Added Actuation Rod.
Added Team Blocks and Platforms.
Added Static Hook.
Added Presserator.
Added Engineering Helmet.
Added Companion Cube.
Added Gem Locks.
Added Large Amber.
Added Weighted Pressure Plates (4 colors).
Added Wire Bulb.
Added 12 new craftable Critter Statues.
Added Portal Gun Station.
Added Trapped Chests.
Added Projectile Pressure Pad.
Added several new monster statues.
Added Angler Tackle Bag.
Added Geyser Trap.
Added Bone Campfire.
Added Ultra Bright Campfire.
Added Multicolor Wrench.

Critters spawned from statues are no longer catchable.
Highly increased Duke Fishron's "run away" distance.
Medusa can no longer petrify players directly above her.
Medusa is now Hardmode-only.
Added NPC names for the painter, wizard, and skeleton merchant, based on contest results.
You can now find Beehives in the Jungle - Not the bees!
Lowered the volume of the Solar Eruption's use sound.
Torches can now be put on actuated tiles.
Slimes should no longer be able to go through 1 block high gaps.
Target dummies no longer benefit from lifesteal or spectre set.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Frostbite hiding time left when wet under certain circumstances.
Fixed Desert Spirit hitbox to match sprite size.
Fixed NPCs not recognizing kills / interactions properly if they have multiple segments.
Fixed music boxes not emitting music notes while open.
Fixed Flesh Grass spreading under Sunflowers.
Fixed Tally Counter not showing information for enemies hit with mounts or special attacks.
Fixed player leg skin colors mismatching the rest of the body when in stealth.
Fixed Seedler not dropping from Boss Bags.
Fixed popular NPC Housing exploit.
Fixed Ranger Lifesteal bug.
Fixed Paint Sprayer spraying over blocks in several occasions that it should not (e.g. grass that gets turned into dirt as a result of placing an object).
Fixed being on the edge of the underground not counting when spawning dungeon / Underground Desert monsters.
Fixed teleporting directly on top of a pressure plate not triggering it properly since.
Fixed Town NPC melee weapons drawing brightly while in darkness.
Fixed Crimson Heart failing to stand to roll roll around on platforms.
Fixed tile entities not properly clearing on world clear procedure.
Fixed Crystal Storm not bouncing its shots.
Fixed chests without custom names not showing mouse over icons.
Fixed Wooden Boomerang being unusable when near slopes.
Fixed Wall of Flesh going above hell and dragging everyone with it.
Fixed Martian Saucer having invisible / unhittable body parts in multiplayer.
Fixed Martian Probe not causing Martian Invasions when it should.
Harpies and Antlion Swarmers can no longer swim.
Fixed dressers blowing up from explosive projectiles.
Fixed Gi and Kimono leg sprites being genderswapped.
Fixed ancient light and fishron bubbles not appearing in expert mode.
Fixed Werewolf sounds being bugged if used for vanity.
Fixed Tax Collector not using some of his special chat dialog.
Fixed infinite flight time exploit.
Fixed Martian Saucers missing their home planet during the invasion and leaving.
Fixed trapdoors de-syncing when operated via wires.
Fixed L shaped housing exploit.
Fixed minecarts hitting invincible enemies.
Fixed multiple bugs regarding auto-pause and inventory management.
Demon Altars should no longer create 'unbreakable' pots.
Fixed rare "character not respawning" under certain circumstances.
Fixed background drawing through completely unlit walls in hell.
Fixed solar pickaxe using a bad glowmask.
Fixed wall of flesh not spawning in singleplayer under certain circumstance.
Fixed snow not falling naturally after a player jumps in most cases.
Fixed paintball gun and confetti grenades being unable to crit.
Fixed Titanium Armor & Black Belt dodges not working against Moon Lord.
Fixed animated tilesets touching half-bricks stop animating.
Fixed yet another duplication exploit.
Fixed altered worlds getting stuck in spirit release phase under a rare circumstance.
Fixed Chlorophyte protection in the jungle not being as effective as it should be.
Fixed right clicking equipment at inventory not granting achievements for equipping it.
Fixed paladin's shield ally protection benefits not functioning properly.
Fixed minor capitalization issue in the guide's help text.
Fixed star in a bottle buff not working.
Brain of Cthulhu & Eater of Worlds now properly leave upon massacring the player / if the player leaves their territory.
Fixed issue where the nurse would not heal all debuffs under rare circumstances.
Fixed double damage popups from other players inflicting harm to themselves via explosives.
Fixed 'full-screen map' button opening a black screen if map is disabled in general.
Fixed players being unable to get on a mount if they're too close to workbenches.
Fixed shenanigans with actuating gemspark blocks.
Fixed Mudstone Brick having a bad name (Mudstone Block).
Tiles under Lihzahrd altars can no longer be actuated until the golem is defeated.
Fixed temporary holes in the darkness when removing light sources.
Fixed items that cost less than 5 copper always sell for 1 copper , even when sold in Stacks.


post 09-Июн-16 08:56 (спустя 17 дней)

Русик от подойдет?


post 26-Июн-16 04:13 (спустя 16 дней)

Проверь откуда мне знать.


post 23-Июл-16 14:09 (спустя 27 дней)

Перезалито v1.3.2.1


Version Changes-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bug Fixes:
  Fixed snowfall walls not dropping their item when broken
  Fixed bad chest button cycling in gamepads
  Fixed weighted pressure plates not working
  Fixed party balloon staying in the world indefinitely if its not the first world loaded
  Fixed npc-started parties occuring only for 1 player in the server at random
  Fixed items being equipped when you open a chest with autopause under certain circumstances

Version 1.3.2 Changes-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Added Bundled Party Balloons
  Added Balloon Animal
  Added Party Hat
  Added Silly Sunflower Vanity
  Added Silly Balloon Blocks and Walls
  Added Silly Tied Balloons
  Added Pigronata
  Added Party Center
  Added Silly Balloon Machine
  Added Streamers
  Added Party Present
  Added Cog Walls
  Added Sandfall Blocks and Walls
  Added Snowfall Blocks and Walls
  Added Snow Clouds
  Nerfed beehive-type bees in expert mode
  Significantly reduced count of unnecessary player synchronization calls, which hindered servers with a high player count
  Trees now grow with a “poof!” even when visible on a player’s screen
  Rain Clouds are now craftable
  Clinger Staff can now use platforms as its resting point
  Made improvements to chat tags, and they should no longer break over long lines
  Town NPCs will TRY to avoid falling into cliffs away from their home area

Bug Fixes:
  Fixed XNOR being named NXOR
  Fixed Title text not refreshing from the language menu's use
  Fixed Cooking Pot & Skeleton Lantern (off)'s wrong light display
  Fixed weather not updating on server properly (blame framerate fixes)
  Fixed Grand Design selling for way too much gold
  Fixed Scutlix mount aiming issues
  Fixed Stardust & Nebula Wings having 2/3 and 1/3 extra fly time more than intended, respectively.
  Fixed crashes related to Ice Rod and Dressers
  Fixed cursor showing over an item slot for a frame when closing inventory on gamepad use
  Fixed random bad texture loading
  Fixed Duck hunt exploit
  Fixed Town NPCs spazzing if there's lava underneath them
  Fixed Travelling Merchant not being able to attack at night
  Fixed Extremely long-timed buffs not updating properly in multiplayer
  Fixed Phasesabers in weapon racks creating unbreakable weapon racks (This fix is not retroactive and will not fix old worlds impacted by the issue, we apologize for any inconvenience - we may add retroactive fix in the future)
  Fixed Team Platforms not acting as viable doors for housing.
  Fixed Ice Rod blocks causing making backwalls invisible
  Fixed “On Fire!” bosses not being extinguished by water
  Fixed Summoner Emblem not having an updated sprite
  Fixed Some configuration settings not saving correctly

Version Changes-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Quality of life:
  All liquid & logic sensors aside "player above" now allow teleportations
  Added a third frameskip option for those with high-end PCs who got performance issues in 1.3.1 (current "Off" got renamed to "Subtle", old "Off" from 1.3 is back as "Off")

Bug Fixes:
  Fixed liquids getting frozen in the air until a game restart (hopefully)
  Fixed gamepad instructions getting frozen on virtual keyboard instructions
  Fixed two duplication exploits
  Fixed cannons not shooting cannonballs when pulsed via non-player triggered
  Fixed slightly inccorect display for "player above" logic sensor (was 1 pixel too small in every direction)
  Fixed incorrect text at the gamepad options ("Thumbstick Hotbar / "Thumbstick Cursor Snap" should've been "DPad Hotbar" & "DPad Cursor Snap")
  Fixed training dummies potentially getting permanent invisible corruption
  Fixed mouse clicks not getting detected until you click a keyboard button on game startup (hopefully)
  Fixed many furnitures breaking instantly when they're placed aboved platform stairs
  Fixed multiple issues with geyser placement
  Fixed particles not drawing in capture mode if background is disabled
  Fixed the Guide's help tips not detecting the demolitionist nor the goblin tinkerer properly
  Fixed Grasshopper Statue having no recipe


post 23-Июл-16 14:10 (спустя 1 минута)



post 23-Июл-16 20:51 (спустя 6 часов)

А есть версия с кряком Ali, на версию гог моды не ставятся.


post 23-Июл-16 21:52 (спустя 1 час)

[NetShowBT]【07.22.16】[Terraria.v1.3.2.1-ALI213][泰拉瑞亚v1.3.2.1版|Terraria|免安装绿色版|解压缩即玩][EN] [讨论] 76.8MB


post 02-Ноя-16 08:27 (спустя 3 месяца 9 дней)

Обновлено v1.3.3.3


post 02-Ноя-16 09:38 (спустя 1 час 10 минут)

Русификатор для версии http://rgho.st/8JvQSGtgG

1. Скачать и запустить установщик
2. Выбрать папку с установленной игрой
3. Выбрать версию игры (Steam / GOG)
4. Установить русификатор
5. Запустить Terraria
6. В настройках игры выбрать "Русский язык"
7. Перезапустить игру


post 02-Ноя-16 14:58 (спустя 5 часов)

Спасибо работает. Автор мб зашьешь в раздачу?


post 02-Ноя-16 15:07 (спустя 8 минут)

Это оригинальный установщик гог как я туда, что-то зашью.
Можно сделать папкой и добавить установщик русика отдельно и перезалить, но опять же там 300 с лишком сидов все отвалятся, кто раздавать будет.
Проще залить на облако к себе и ссыль дать.
Будет храниться сколько угодно.

Русификатор https://yadi.sk/d/J-ayGtyOxy8pC


post 03-Ноя-16 11:59 (спустя 20 часов)

А ну ок. Просто поставил себе чисто ручик на стим и не заметил шо тут не репак :)


post 18-Ноя-16 11:26 (спустя 14 дней)

v1.3.4.2 обновлено.


post 18-Ноя-16 14:31 (спустя 3 часа)



post 07-Дек-16 18:37 (спустя 19 дней)

v1.3.4.4 обновлено.


post 06-Мар-17 17:55 (спустя 2 месяца 29 дней)

а моды как cry


post 21-Мар-17 20:24 (спустя 15 дней)

Спасибо, все хотел скачать ни как руки не доходили...


post 21-Апр-17 03:30 (спустя 30 дней)

Обновлено v1.3.5.1 (11408)

Добавили официальный русский язык.


post 03-Сен-17 12:16 (спустя 4 месяца 12 дней)

ща попробуем slap

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