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King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Год выпуска: 26 Января 2021
Жанр: RPG | Strategy | Turn-Based Combat | Roguelite
Разработчик: NeocoreGames
Издательство: NeocoreGames
Платформа: PC
Версия: 0.0.5
Язык интерфейса: English
Язык озвучки: English
Тип издания: Ранний доступ | RePack
Страничка в: pic
Пилюля: Вшита (SteamEmu)
Системные требования:
ОС: Windows 10 64-bit
Процессор: Intel i5-4690 / AMD FX 4350
Оперативная память: 8 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: Nvidia GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 280X
DirectX: Версии 12c
Место на диске: 70 GB
Дополнительно: SSD recommended
King Arthur: Knight`s Tale - это мрачная тактическая ролевая игра от создателей The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing и Inquisitor: Martyr. Игроков ждет история, вдохновленная артурианскими мифами, в центре которой - сэр Мордред, пытающийся собрать рыцарей Круглого стола, чтобы дать отпор различным чудовищам, вторгшимся в мир людей.

Игроков ждет тактическая ролевая стратегия, где бои выполнены по пошаговой системе в духе XCOM, а экипировка и прокачка персонажа решает многое. Также для эффективной борьбы с чудовищами игроки должны заниматься отстройкой и развитием Камелота, здания которого дают различные бонусы героям. Каждая смерть в Knight`s Tale окончательна, а каждый совершенный выбор подталкивает историю в определенном направлении - Мордред под предводительством игроков может стать как спасителем, так и тираном. Также игроков ждут более пятидесяти типов врагов, семь вражеских фракций и возможность сразиться с легендарным Балором, богом-королем фоморианцев.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Official Announcement Trailer
Скриншоты установки
Update 0.0.5

New class: Sage
The sixth and final class, the Sage has been introduced with this update. Sages are experts at providing utility for their team using frost-based magic, including protective barriers and ice walls.
Sir Leodegrance is the first Hero, who represents the Sage class. He will join your Round Table right after completing the Bridge of Sorrow story mission so you can simply start playing and testing his abilities. Rest assured, he can prove to be quite handy in dire situations. Utilize him to find his perfect role in your party.

Difficulty settings are here!
If you prefer Classic Mode, then now you can choose from various difficulty settings to find the most suitable level for yourself. The difficulty levels are the following:

Your Heroes will survive all the battles you fight with 1 Vitality
The Resting place will fully heal your Heroes' HP and Armour
Enemies get a -50% damage output, -20% Vitality, HP and Armour

The Resting place heals 75% of your Heroes' HP and Armour
Enemies get a -25% damage output, -10% Vitality, HP and Armour

The Resting place heals 50% of your Heroes' HP and Armour
Enemies are just as strong as they were in the previous versions

Very Hard
The Resting place heals 25% of your Heroes' HP and Armour
Enemies receive +25% damage output, +10% Vitality, HP and Armour

Controller support
Now you can use your controller to fight your battles in Avalon
The controller can be enabled only from the Main Menu in the Options/Controls window

The Training Ground has received further adjustments: from now on, you can send your chosen Hero to a joust to gain experience. This comes with a certain cost and the joust cannot be cancelled. On the other hand, these Heroes won't occupy any training slot at all
New events have been added to give more opportunities to increase your Heroes' loyalty
Scrolls are now displayed next to the Heroes' portrait, similarly to the Potions
Sir Balin's biography has been added
New item enchants have been added
A Restart Mission button has been added to the Exit menu
Reworked various GUI elements, new ones have been added as well
Numerous effects, anims and skill mechanics have been added/improved
From now on, the zero cost of AP will also be indicated in the skills' tooltip
Repositioned the Hide ability of the Vanguard. Now it can be found in the last slot of the Hero's skillbar and received a tooltip as well
Before it was not possible to cancel the usage of the effects granted by Shrines after players clicked on the "Use it!" tab. Now you can still change your mind before choosing a Hero
Corrected the description of the Joust Decree to be more informative

The Training Ground's effectiveness was a little too much, hence we decided to introduce a limitation now: You can only train Heroes who are at least two levels below the hero with the highest level in your roster. Consequently, your highest level Hero cannot be trained
Reduced the damage output of the Lightning Bolt enemy skill
Sir Balin's Vitality has been reduced to 15 from 25
Changed the structure of various Heroes' skill trees, consequently, every Hero can unlock 3 active skills on the first tier
Rebalanced several active and passive skills to make them more effective
Bleeding's mechanism was reworked: from now on, targets will suffer 10% damage at the start of the turn, after every action they take and after every 2 movements they make
Poison's mechanism was reworked: from now on, targets will suffer 10% damage at the start of the turn and they deal 20% less damage over the debuff's duration
Reduced the Marksman Alchemist passive skill's Extra Damage value from 40% to 10%
Swapped one event's Morality decisions so they are more in line with the Tyrant/Rightful alignment now

Fixed bugs
Fixed various crash issues, some of which related to the camera
Fixed various freezes across several missions
Fixed an issue where if one chose not to fight with a neutral group, the game tended to freeze
Using their Hide skill, the Vanguard still triggered enemy Overwatch attacks. This has been fixed
Removed the suffered Injuries and Curses from the Heroes' Inspect window. They can be checked only on the Heroes' portrait now
From now on enemy units cannot move right next to your Heroes and then activate Overwatch
Heroes' portraits no longer multiply when you move them from one slot to another in the Idle Heroes window
Fixed the Archive upgrade of the Enchanted Tower
The dialogue with the Brigand team in the left upper corner of 'The Ancient Throne' mission got triggered after almost every action taken with your Heroes. This has been fixed
Fixed various typos and strings
Fixed an issue where the encounter where the villager NPC needs to be rescued did not trigger sometimes in the Old Monastery mission
Fixed an issue in the Hospice where sometimes the injured Heroes could not be enrolled in for recovery
Fixed an issue where if one Lost enemy unit revived from its reanimation state and once again lost its HP, the remaining Lost units in reanimation state did not get destroyed until you killed this specific unit
An encounter didn't trigger in the Old Monastery mission if one approached the battle from a specific direction. This has been fixed
Fixed a camera issue in 'The Ancient Throne' mission
The buff, granted by the Witch NPC in the 'Thistlewood Ruins' mission was not displayed in the Heroes' portrait. This has been fixed
Bone totems didn't get destroyed if their casters were killed. This has been fixed
The Training Ground's Archery Range ability did not work in certain cases. It has been fixed
The description of the Progressive Trait is now in line with its mechanism
The description of the Conservative Trait is now in line with its mechanism
Voiceover has been added to several dialogues
A few missing icons have been added
Various dialogues have been updated
Особенности RePack
• Ничего не вырезано/ Ничего не перекодировано
• Версия 0.0.5
• Время установки 20 минут (SSD) (~36k files)
-=RePack от Roman2013=-
06.03.21 г. Репак обновлен до версии 0.0.3
26.07.21 г. Репак обновлен до версии 0.0.4c
07.09.21 г. Репак обновлен до версии 0.0.5

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Скачать King Arthur: Knight's Tale (0.0.5) (NeocoreGames) (ENG) [Early Access] [Repack] от Roman2013 торрент

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Здоров! Спасибо поправил ;)


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на Windows 7 прям совсем никак? Ругается на библиотеки


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Народ а русского не предвидится? Или если кто знает где можно скачать киньте в ЛС. Всем добра и хорошего настроения! Заранее благодарен.


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Русский будет но на релизе - это ответ разработчиков
Ц Roman2013 писал(а):

а будет обновление до 0.0.3?


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06.03.21 г. Игра обновлена до версии 0.0.3


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при обновлении версии нужно перекачивать всю игру и заново устанавливать?


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26.07.21 г. Репак обновлен до версии 0.0.4c


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07.09.21 г. Репак обновлен до версии 0.0.5


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Кто знает, когда планируют релиз? И точно русский будет в нем?


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Встаньте на раздачу, пожалуйста. ^^

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